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For clean water and blue skies
Three reasons to choose NCE

Global warming has generated heightened interest in environmental preservation as well as resource recovery via water treatment technologies to retain valuable resources and wastewater recycling.
In light of these situations, we strive to achieve a cleaner natural environment through provision of water treatment facilities that satisfy customer needs, cut costs and reliably meet regulation values that are becoming stricter by the year.

High standards for water treatment facilities as evidenced by our wide range of successful product deliveries

Successful product deliveries to a diverse array of more than 3,500 companies as well as numerous repeat customers provide evidence of our high standards. We do not stick to a limited range of fields and industries, instead developing and delivering a multitude of different wastewater treatment equipment.

Handling everything from development to customization of water treatment equipment

Feel free to contact us with any water treatment equipment request you may have—we can respond flexibly to your needs in all areas, including equipment design, manufacturing and customization.
You can count on NCE for everything from surface finishing to wastewater treatment.

Continuing research at NCE for water treatment that benefits the environment

Ever since our establishment in 1960, NCE has continued to provide “technologies that protect the natural environment”. Also, feel free to contact us regarding your facility maintenance needs.