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The following section outlines the corporate history of Nakagawa Chemical Equipment (NCE), a wastewater and industrial waste treatment equipment manufacturer. Since our founding, we have maintained a steady focus on the provision of facilities and equipment centered on the environment.


Please contact us by telephone.

Nakagawa Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
TEL: +81-3-3944-4451

Initial Meeting

At this consultation meeting, we will discuss which equipment you are interested in ordering, your target budget and your preferred delivery deadline. We will show you basic equipment blueprints as we discuss your options.

Proposal and Estimate

We will create an estimate based on consultations held during the initial meeting.


If our proposal and estimate are acceptable to you, we will draw up and sign a contract.

Product Design and Manufacture

Our technical development staff will create designs based on your requirements. After that, we will enter the production phrase.

Delivery, Handover

NCE will conduct the on-site construction and installation work necessary for introduction of the product at your plant. We will proceed according to the following manufacturing process workflow: equipment installation → piping installation → electrical work → painting/coating → trial operation and adjustment → explanation of operations to customer. Lastly, we will officially hand the product(s) over the customer following customer acceptance inspections.

NCE Can Handle Your Wastewater Treatment Equipment Maintenance Needs!

In order to prevent sudden breakdowns and accidents during equipment operation, the NCE Kawaguchi Office (NCE Dedicated Maintenance Operations) will conduct regularly scheduled wastewater treatment equipment inspections. Please entrust us the maintenance operations at ease!

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