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Fluorine-containing Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Fluorine-containing wastewater is generated from glass substrate etching, equipment producing non-chromium wastewater and so forth from various types of production facilities, and wastewater treatment must lower fluorine content to 8 mg or less.
NCE has continued its research of fluorine treatment for many years, successfully developing facilities capable of meeting wastewater emission regulation standards. In addition to calcium treatment agents, we propose two-stage flocculation-sedimentation treatment, adding of phosphoric acid, chelate resin adsorption following flocculation and sedimentation, and other treatment methods depending on the properties of the water.


Components of Fluorine-containing Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The following equipment is used to treat fluorine-containing wastewater.

Flocculation-Sedimentation Equipment

Flocculation-Sedimentation This equipment is used in inorganic wastewater treatment.
Heavy metals, suspended solids (SS), colloidal substances and other substances contained in the wastewater are neutralized and then quickly separated and precipitated out.

Flocculation-Sedimentation Equipment

Rapid Filtration Towers

Rapid Filtration Towers This equipment provides supernatant filtration and removal of solid matter, suspended particles and so forth via rapid filtration.
The upper filter media can efficiently remove everything from large particles to small suspended solids (SS).

Rapid Filtration Towers

Activated Carbon Adsorption Towers

Activated Carbon Adsorption Towers Even after passing wastewater through flocculation and sedimentation treatment and filtering it, trace colors, odors and quantities of organic compounds will remain.
Activated carbon adsorption towers can be used for secondary treatment. BOD and COD reduction are also possible.

Activated Carbon Adsorption Towers

Fully Automated Compact Filter Presses

Fully Automated Compact Filter Presses This fully automated compact filter press equipment removes water from sludge.
It is designed to handle difficult-to-filter slurry, and the resulting filter cake can be reliable removed using a removal device.

Fully Automated Compression Filter Presses

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