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Ancillary Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Ancillary Wastewater Treatment EquipmentAnthracite is utilized in rapid filtration towers to enable advanced filtration—this equipment is vital for treatments to remove heavy metals.
Activated carbon adsorption towers are also necessary for organic compound treatment and n-hexane adsorption treatment in order to meet regulation values.

Rapid Filtration Towers

Rapid Filtration TowersOur rapid filtration equipment provides filtration of supernatant water in the sedimentation tank and removal of solid matter, suspended particles, etc. in such water. The upper filter media can efficiently remove everything from large particles to small suspended solids (SS).

Activated Carbon Adsorption Towers

Activated Carbon Adsorption TowersEven after flocculation-sedimentation, filtering and other such treatments, subtle odors and small amounts of organic compounds will remain. Our activated carbon adsorption towers can clean your water even further.

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