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Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Wastewater TreatmentWastewater can be generally divided into the two categories: inorganic and organic. Nakagawa Chemical Equipment (NCE) develops wastewater treatment equipment utilizing the latest treatment technologies, matched to the specific type of water to be handled.
Although treatment methods vary depending on the type of wastewater and substances contained therein, we provide the optimal wastewater treatment to meet a customer’s needs, with reliable treatment plan of low running cost and power-saving.

Flocculation-Sedimentation Equipment

Flocculation-Sedimentation EquipmentThis equipment removes heavy metals, suspended solids (SS), colloidal substances and other substances found in inorganic wastewater.
Hazardous substances in the water can be quickly separated and precipitated out.

Pressure Flotation Equipment

Pressure Flotation EquipmentThis equipment treats wastewater through generation of micro-bubbles to remove high-concentration oils, suspended solids (SS), etc.
These tiny bubbles adhere to the substances and separate them via flotation to the top in a short period of time.

Biological Treatment Equipment

Biological Treatment EquipmentNCE recommends activated sludge treatment for processing of organic wastewater. This approach is utilized in numerous industries and fields ranging from surface finishing to food products.

Nitrogenous Wastewater Treatment Equipment

In order to protect the natural environment, extremely strict emission regulations have been established for nitrogenous and phosphorous substance levels in wastewater.

Wastewater Recycling Equipment

Wastewater Recycling EquipmentWater shortages, stricter wastewater discharge regulations, steep cost increases for sewerage discharge—wastewater recycling equipment plays a major role in overcoming these types of problems and protecting the natural environment.

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