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Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Wastewater emission regulations are becoming stricter with each passing year, and trends toward environmentally friendly plating bath solutions are on the rise, yet the use of various chemical additives is placing greater stress on wastewater treatment operations. More specifically, the spread of lead-free and chromium-free plating baths has resulted in increased amounts of chelate complexes in wastewater. In order to treat these types of wastewater for heavy metals, we provide a range of treatment chemicals tailored to specific wastewater type, purpose, and other such factors.

Polyelectrolyte Flocculant

“Naka-Flock” is a polyelectrolyte flocculant boasting faster dissolution than standard products. This flocculant’s principal ingredient is polyacrylamide, which enables faster sedimentation and provides resistance to the effects of salts.

Heavy Metal Treatment Agents

This agent is designed for treating wastewater containing chelate complexes. It reacts to various types of metal ions to form insoluble salts, making for a treatment agent that can be utilized in a wide range of heavy metal treatment applications.

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